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Xian Peng Jiang, CLA

Director of Research

Xian-Peng Jiang is a dedicated and accomplished researcher exhibiting precision in the research he conducts along the path to the possible development of potential treatments for cancer and some neurodegenerative diseases. His previous major research includes breast cancer iron-associated genes, iron metabolism and cytokines in cancer microenvironment, mitochondrial organelle transplantation and biogenesis, cancer glycolytic and mitochondrial enzymes, and development of tumor vaccine in mice and rats. He is the co-inventor of MOT™, the latest medical breakthrough to emerge from the lab he operates.

Jiang has co-authored 24 conference and journal papers, including Mitochondrial Toxicity of Azithromycin Results in Aerobic Glycolysis and DNA Damage of Human Mammary Epithelia and Fibroblasts, 42 abstracts, including Antibiotics induce mitochondrial dysfunction, DNA damage and aerobic glycolysis of human mammary epithelia and fibroblast, and 2 patents.

He is an accomplished author and has been a member of the American Association for Cancer Research since 1997. 

Jiang holds a Bachelor of Medicine with a Major in Clinical Medicine from Wannan Medical College in Anhui, China, 1987. Jiang holds a MD of Science with a Major in Surgery from Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai, China, 1992. In 2020 he completed a Cellular Therapies Certificate Program at George Washington University in Washington, DC.


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